Prescription Pain Relievers Can Kill You

If you feel you‘ve got heard it before, you are dead wrong

Just how many times has someone said a drug could result in more serious problems – like addiction, brain damage, or perhaps death? You‘ve got probably heard it numerous times, it is getting a challenge to believe. But all drugs have real potential for harm – even prescription pain relievers. When abused alone, or taken along with drugs, prescription pain medications can kill you. And also the death toll from misuse and abuse is rising steadily.

Prescription Pain Relievers Can Kill You

Think twice-because you simply die once. Prescription pain relievers, when used correctly and with a doctor’s supervision, are secure and effective. But abuse them, or mix all of them with illegal drugs or alcohol, and you also could end up inside the morgue. Even using prescription pain relievers along with prescription drugs (for example antidepressants ) or over-the-counter medications (like cough syrups and antihistamines ), can result in life-threatening respiratory failure. With some prescription pain relievers, all it will take is definitely pill.

Drugs to look out for. The foremost dangerous prescription pain relievers are the ones containing drugs referred to as opioids, for example morphine and codeine. Some common drugs containing these substances include :

  • propoxyphene (Darvon ),
  • meperidine (Demerol ),
  • guaifenesin with hydromorphone (Dilaudid ),
  • oxycodone (OxyContin ),
  • Tylenol with Codeine, and
  • hydrocodone / acetaminophen (Vicodin, Norco, etc. ).

Some common street names for the drugs include :

  • ac / dc,
  • blue,
  • 40,
  • 80,
  • coties,
  • demmies,
  • dillies,
  • hillbilly heroin,
  • o. c.,
  • oxy,
  • oxycotton,
  • percs, and
  • vics.

Whatever it is that you call them, remember something you need – they could be killers.

Symptoms of overdose.

In case you, or anyone you will know, have used prescription pain relievers, here will be the danger signs to watch for :

  • Slow breathing (lower than ten breaths a moment is basically serious trouble )
  • Small, pinpoint pupils
  • Confusion
  • Being tired, nodding off, or passing out
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Apathy (they do not care about anything )
  • Cold and clammy skin
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures

Lots of these symptoms tend to make people think individual is drunk. Many people can be tempted to let individual sleep it off, or think they simply had an excessive amount to drink. But do not. Your friend could go to rest and never awaken.

Drug Bassed Diseases by Type

What you are able to do in case a friend is overdosing. Make an anonymous call to 911 if you don‘t wish to identify yourself. Try to obtain the person to respond for you by calling out his / her name. Make individual awaken and talk for you. Shake him / her if you need to. Otherwise, the individual could suffer brain damage, fall into your coma, or die.

Addiction may be a living death. In case you abuse prescription pain relievers and therefore are lucky sufficient to cheat death, you are still in big trouble. Prescription pain relievers could be addictive. The longer you are taking them, the greater the body needs. Try to prevent, and you also could experience withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction to prescription pain relievers is similar to being hooked on heroin and also the withdrawal is not much different : bone and muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes, and insomnia.

In case you, or someone you will know, is abusing or is addicted, get pvndaweb professional help. You may also inquire about help from parents, doctors, relatives, teachers, or school guidance counselors. Substance abuse ruins lives. Do not allow it to happen for you or someone you adore.

In case you, or someone you will know, is hooked on prescription pain relievers, call the substance abuse treatment 24-hour helpline : 1. 800. 662. HELP, or visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health website,

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Drug-Based Diseases by Type

Drug diseases -related illnesses are another threat to someone who has decided to deal with drugs. It would be impossible for a person to stay healthy if he had a drug contact. This is because the substances contained in drugs that are included pokercc  in the drug has the nature and ability to damage the user’s body from within.

There are so many kinds and types of drugs themselves and each type gives different effects to users, ranging from the lightest to the most severe that will lead to death. Drugs are really the biggest threat for everyone, especially for those who are still unstable and can not control themselves to distinguish what is good and what is bad.

It would be very dangerous if we have dared to try to use drugs, although only once, because the effects of opium to be given by drugs is very strong. So, even if someone is just trying to use it just once, he will have the desire to go on and on again.

The opium effect is great for the user to feel because it can cause extreme pain to the user’s body if the desire to consume the drug can not be fulfilled. In fact, this situation can lead to critical that can cause the user died. That is a general description of the pain caused by drugs.

More specifically, drug-related diseases can be divided into three categories. These categories include illnesses caused by direct drugs, diseases caused by infection from drug use, and diseases caused by the indirect effects of drug use. For the first type of illness, it is obvious that will be experienced by anyone who uses drugs excessively.

Substances contained in drugs have the potential to damage important nerves in the body if used without control. Whereas basically, if used according to the dosage and rules of these drugs have health benefits.

Damage to these nerves result in damage to the performance of organs such as the brain and heart. If the two most important organs are already disturbed, it is not impossible that a drug user will face death sooner.

In addition, diseases such as extreme abdominal pain and high blood pressure, which can lead to rupture of blood vessels, also fall into this category. For the category of subsequent illness-related diseases, the resulting totojitu disease is a disease that results from an infection when a person is taking drugs.

In general, drugs are used together and in various ways. One way to use drugs is to inject the drugs into the body. To do so, users usually use a syringe in turn. Thus, diseases that potentially attack drug users in this case include HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis, and Syphilis.

The last type of disease is a disease caused by the indirect effects of drug use. Can be said so because by using drugs, just as we are slowly destroying the immune tissue in our body. Thus, all sorts of diseases from the outside will be very easy to infect on our body.

So, it is not surprising that almost all drug users become easy to sick and quickly die. By knowing the illnesses caused by drugs, at least we can be more loving ourselves and avoid as much as possible from the trap of drugs.

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